Our Story

Since the beginning, Artisan Palate has been built on our two core values: purity of product and customer experience. Our inherent pledge to delicious, innovative natural sugar & salt products and our belief in the highest quality possible have differentiated our salts & sugar from any other salts on the market since day one.

Artisan Palate unique selection of flavored premium all-natural Himalayan Pink salts and Demerara Sugars, both from around the world and made right here at our state-of-the-art facility, promises unrefined, chemical free, mineral rich varieties, conveniently delivered right to your doorstep.

We have created our superior selection of over 8 varieties of salts and sugar each after sourcing only the premium ingredients, using well-respected and reputable suppliers who are FSSAI licensed and ethically & ecologically approved by us. Once the ingredients are sourced we have meticulously perfected using our exclusive quality processes to package them. Since, depending on its natural environment & inherently contains traces of foreign materials like sand, the ingredient then undergoes our Clean technology.

Beyond our selection of authentic all natural Himalayan pink salts and demerara sugar, Artisan Palate commitment to delicious, pure, natural extends further, to producing our own handcrafted lines of rich & savory, all-naturally infused varieties.  The result of our continual quest for the best, most flavorful possible.

All of our artisanal salts and sugar began with our philosophy that pure, natural products simply taste and feel better: no additives, no artificial flavors, 100% natural, made with only the best ingredients available.

Family owned & operated, was established in early 2016 when Nivriti Rohatgi Kapur, CEO, learned about the variety and benefits of authentic, unrefined specialty Himalayan pink salt and demerara sugar, and were quickly surprised by how difficult these quality salts and sugar were to find and purchase. With consumers becoming more aware of all-natural products and remedies, We were convinced that others must be concerned about what was in their saltshakers, too. To close this gap, we decided to start this website, www.ArtisanPalate.com , where we could sell these unique flavorful and healthy products. Artisan Palate hopes to become the first gourmet Sugar & Salt company in India.