• All Natural Falafel & Shawarma Spice Blend


    About the Product This is our inspired, personal go-to shawarma spice blend that’s perfect for adding to all of your favorite chickpea dishes, scrambles, salads, vegetables, and more! The best thing about this Shawarma spice mix is that it works beautifully with any protein and even vegetables! We love it on tofu, portabello mushrooms and cauliflower also. To create a marinade, combine seasoning with oil. Usage & Storage: Refrigerate for longer shelf life. Keep in Cool Dry Place. Shake before use. Ingredients : Himalayn pink Salt, Garlic, Chili powder, Black Peppercorns, oregano, cinnamon, cloves, parsley, coriander, cumin.Net Weight 100 grams

    • All Natural Falafel & Shawarma Spice Blend makes a great addition to your spice cabinet and is delicious as a dry rub, mixed into mayonnaise, or added into a dressing.
    • One way to keep our taste buds happy and satisfied without feeling like they are deprived of anything is to add spices and herbs to dishes.
    • It is 100% natural and pure, no artificial flavor, no addictive, no preservatives.