• All Natural Jamacian Jerk Mix 100 grms


    Usage & Storage:  Refrigerate for longer shelf life. Keep in Cool Dry Place. Shake before use.

    Ingredients Onion powder, Cayenne pepper, Dried crushed red pepper, thyme, Garlic powder, Parsley, Black pepper, Himalayan Pink salt, Demerara sugar, Cinnamon, Ground cloves, Ground allspice

      Being a jerk is good, when we're talking about our jerk seasoning! Just add some to your favorite chicken, pork or fish recipes to give it that extra Jamaican flair. Sprinkle it into your scrambled eggs or over a plate of good old French fries for a real treat. Give your guacamole (avocado) dip a Jamaican twist or transform plain mayonnaise into an amazing sandwich spread with a snap of your fingers and our Jamaican jerk seasoning!

    Net Weight 100 grams