• All Natural Smoked Onion Garlic Chilli Pepper Himalayan Pink Salt


    All Natural Smoked Onion Garlic Chilli Pepper Himalyayan Pink Salt is an earthy, heady blend of traditional curry spices and Smoked Himalayan pink salt. The Himalayan Pink salt is smoked with applewood and other citrus wood blend. Hints of roasted onion,  garlic, chilli and black pepper make the aroma of this salt like a walk through an B.B.Q. The process of roasting the garlic lessens the sharp bite that raw garlic has and deepens the flavor into a rich, savory, silky, buttery warmth that fits beautifully in an impressive range of dishes. Expand your culinary horizons beyond traditional Indian and Thai-inspired dishes by adding it to Eggs, yogurt etc with a sprinkle. Thanks to the perfect texture and grain size, you can use it both as an ingredient salt and as a finishing salt in any place that you would use traditional salt.

    Net Weight 150 grams