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  • All Natural Smoked Tandoori Masala by Artisan Palate 100 grams

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    About the Product If you want to marinate any meat or veggies look no forward and get this all natural tandoori masala smoked with applewood. You can leave a dry rub on for as little as 30 minutes and then put it on the grill. And with a wet rub, you can have it marinate for several hours. Once your meat is coated with the rub, just place it right on the grill. Usage & Storage: Refrigerate for longer shelf life. Keep in Cool Dry Place. Shake before use. Ingredients : Cold Smoked ingredients coriander, cumin, garlic powder, chili powder, onion powder, tomato, Himalayan pink Salt, Black Peppercorns, nutmeg.

    About this item

    • Makes a great addition to your spice cabinet and is delicious as a dry rub mixed into olive oil or added into a yogurt
    • One way to keep our taste buds happy and satisfied without feeling like they are deprived of anything is to add spices and herbs to dishes
    • Sprinkle over the roasted vegetables for a better taste
    • Use spice for the marination of chicken and keep for 20 min and then grill it
    • It is 100% natural and pure no artificial flavor no addictive no preservatives