• Artisan Palate All Natural Shiitake Mushroom Himalayan Pink Salt Pack of 150 Grams

    300.00 250.00

    This mushroom salt is the umami addition to all your favorite savory treats that you wonder why you haven’t tried yet. Start spreading it with flair. Go ahead, be the mushroom salt bae. It revolutionizes roasted chicken. It transforms roasted vegetables. It intensifies soup. And it does delightfully naughty things to popcorn and homemade chips. season meats, vegetables, and snacks simply with this salt alone and be astounded by the depth and richness of flavor it gives ingredients.

    About this item

    • Himalayan pink salt is naturally rich in more than 80 Minerals.
    • Flavoured Himalayan Pink salt with no preservatives or color.
    • 100% natural Himalayan pink salt. Natural Himalayan pink salt directly sourced from the salt mines located in Himalayan region.
    • Mineral rich source and Low sodium.
    • Made with shiitake mushrooms and black pepper