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  • Vanilla Pods (2 Pods) from Kerala India



    Premium Gourmet Grade A+ Vanilla beans! Grown in Kerala India

    Has a Sweet Floral Note in addition to regular Vanilla Flavor. Fresh & Aromatic! 

    Grown using All-Natural Farming Practice. Free of Pesticides & Insecticides! Average length of 6 inches!

    Satisfaction Guaranteed! Buy & You'll surely Love it! 

    Selected Uses: 

     * Make home made pure Vanilla extract using the beans.  

     * Cut the beans into smaller pieces and use it as an ingredient in making Tea, Coffee or Shakes. 

     * Make Vanilla Ice cream out of Vanilla beans! 

     * Make Vanilla Butter

     * The seedless stalks can also simply be put in an open ended jar at the corner of any room as  incense.